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  • I haven't had time to assemble a complete in-game team yet, but I'm working on it. When I have it together, you're on!
    CB=Chain Breeds XD Oh, basically, I'm good to go to import and start RNGing on it. THey haven't figured out "quick" ways to advance the frame yet, but they do have 2 sure fire ways to do it. And they haven't figured out why the EGG IV RNG isn't "quite" working right, but they have figured out that it works correctly for all the "B" parent IVs.
    Wow! Congrats on muchlax! Shiny CBs suck. Oh, and I found some great info in the HG/SS RNG Research thread. Have you been following it?
    Oh, been here for a bit. There's this guy I've been trying to help with Egg RNG through PMs. Glad to hear you got 3! What were they?
    31/31/31/1/31/0 Brave Duskull. My God. It's Beautiful. We can trade whenever. I've had the 60 pokes for the clan shop cloned and separated since yesterday. How many of your will you be sending me specifically for the clan shop? I don't want to get them mixed up with ones that you're willing to distribute for the VGC Gym Store (not my thread by the way, I'll have to change my threads name).
    Yeah, that's just what I do, it only takes like 4 minutes for Chomp Dnite and all those "long hatch" pokes... Hop on the bike, put Magmar in front and put it in high gear. :)
    Yup, just got F 6 when I'm shooting for 5 again. I could tell by L2. T_T Oh well, it'll all be worth it when I finally get it.
    Oh, I just rare candy them like 5 levels and put each levels stats into Metalkids calc. You can normally tell by L5. Actually by L 2 or 3 if you're shooting for all 31s.
    Just hit my seed agian the normal way. Lets see if it's 1 frame off again... T_T
    I don't know yet. I've literally tried over a hundred times now to hit my seed while doing this duskull egg and have only gotten it maybe 10 times. I took the AR out and did it the normal way I do it and hit my seed the very first time. T_T

    Could have been a coincidence, but I'm skipping the AR for now in hopes of hitting my seed 50+% of the time like normal.
    Hey! Just got your messages, I've been shooting for this Brave 31/31/31/31/31/0 Duskull. Give me a few to try to get it, if not, I'll just lock into another brave egg, nothing too special.
    Yeah, I've tried that, I've tried logging out and even restarting the computer, but it still says "1 Unread PM" and I go to the PMs and there's nothing there. :/
    Oh, yeah, I'll head over there. It's weird, but it "says" i have an "unread message" but I can't seem to find it in either my PMs or VMs over there?!?!?!
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